Holian, Ally

Please read carefully and then select the appropriate appointment type.

Ally Holian is currently taking student appointments for:

Environmental & Sustainability Studies 


Dean's Plan to Finish

Ally Holian's office is in Building 72, Room 109

This is located east of Building 73 across the breezeway. The office is in the far northwest corner, on the lower level.

Dean's Plan to Finish This type of appointment is for students who want to cover: 
  • Students who would like a comprehensive Plan to Finish
  • Double majoring/minoring in CSBS
  • GPA improvement consultations
  • Finding connections to additional resources
  • CSBS Signature Experiences


Available Appointment Dates :

  Appointment Time Location Subject Allowed Reserved
08/28/17 Mon 12:45PM - 1:15PM Building 72, Room 109 1 0

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